Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Attendee Spotlight: Rikki_dd

Welcome another TFMU attendee, Rikki_dd:

Is it June yet??? Hello to all you new people that I'm about to meet and be great friends with! My name is Rikki (Rikki_dd on twitter) and I am a Vegas local. Since this shindig is being held in Vegas, it was a no brainer to attend! I am hooked on the Twi and don't want to be cured. I am not a shy person and have no brain to mouth filter. I say what I say and take noshame for it. I never thought Twi fic existed until a year or so ago (which is dumb because I was a fic writer foranother fandom years ago), but now I can't stop reading!

This was the only acceptable photo that I have where I'm not doing something really inappropriate. It was between this and me flashing my bra at the Welcome To Forks sign....

Can't wait to meet you, Rikki.

Now, have you sent us your attendee spotlight? What are you waiting for? It's not hard. Promise. Just send us a little bio and picture (pretty please?) and that's it! See? Not so hard.

~Your TFMU Team

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