Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - SharonMacross

Hey, Hey, Hey! Say howdy to SharonMacross!

Hello fellow TwiFic lovers! I'm Deb but online I sign in as SharonMacross (Twitter, FF.net, ADF, Twilighted... you get the idea). I'm hardly on Twitter though. I just use it to announce things basically.

I've been a fic junkie since the summer of '09 I think. My cherry fic was Wide Awake and it was still updating (a happy and angsty time!).

Since I have OCD-like tendencies, an obsessive personality and time on my hands, I run and own a Twilight blog (aurorafades.blogspot.com), website and podcast dedicated to Twilight fan fic (http://www.thelitoftwi.com). I also organize a Southern California (I live in LA) Twilight MeetUp group. That's where I found all of my Twi-friends including my TwiFicSis Patty. If it weren't for these ladies, I don't know what I'd do :')

When I heard about the Twi Fic meet up, I might have danced a bit (a lot). Patty is the only one I know when I can text "omg! Why is Nerdward so f'n hot!" or "whhhhy did toy give me this to read?! I can't stop crying!"

I can't wait to go to Vegas and meet all you lovely people and totally nerd out. I imaging much jumping, arm waving and shouts of "Yes!" or "I Love that fic!" will be in our future.

See you all soon!

Not ashamed to make a fool out of myself or others around me,


[Pictured: Me this last Sunday as the Cheshire cat for a Happy Un-birthday party]

[Pictured: Me last year trying to look good. I think this is the best pic I've ever taken. I usually look like Sneezy in pictures.]

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