Thursday, March 29, 2012

Attendee Spotlight: siledubh

Say hello to another one of our awesome attendees, siledubh:

Twitter name: siledubh, which means "Sheila (Sila) the dark" in Gaelic. My real name is Cecilia and I am retired from a historical re-creation group of a 16th century Irish/Scottish clan. Yes, I was one of those Ren Faire people. "Sila" is the closest Gaelic name to Cecilia and since there was already someone by that name in our clan, I added the descriptor to reflect my Hispanic skin tone, not my personality or evilness.

I'm old enough to be a mom to most of you. In fact my daughter is 23 and she just graduated from Chapman Univ. with a Creative Writing BFA and my son is 21. He is in auto mechanics school and is in 3 different punk bands which practice at our house. I am married and have been with the love of my life for 34 years (I told you I was old). Most days I love my job as an elementary school secretary and I live in Southern California about midway between Disneyland and Hollywood.

Twilight has brought me some really great friends who I spend time with on a regular basis (I'm looking at you @kismit1496) and many who I've only spent time with at Comic Con or at a 100 Monkeys show. There are also countless more friends who I've never met in person but who enrich my life on twitter or on fan fiction blogs.

Speaking of fan fiction - I am a voracious reader (sadly, not a writer) and expect to spend a lot of my time in Vegas fan-girling over some of my favorite writers. I am so grateful to the TwiFic Meet up committee for working so hard to make this event happen!

This photo was taken at Twi-con 2010 and I think it epitomizes how silly I allow myself to be for this fandom.

Please, we are begging you, PLEASE email us your spotlight.

~Your TFMU Team

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