Monday, March 26, 2012

Possible Fanchinima Presentation at TFMU

Ever heard of Machinima? Yeah, we hadn't either. It's a form of 3D animation - but it looks a lot like a movie would. It's used mostly in video games. Most of this media is used by fans of these same video games to reproduce copyrighted material in their own scenarios/gameplay. (I just learned all of this from Wikipedia, okay.)

Why are we telling you all of this? Good question. The TFMU was approached by a company called Fanchinima - as in 3D generated animation specifically for FanFiction. (See links below). The company asked us if they could present their product during the Workshop portion of the TFMU in June. We said, um...well...we don't know...this is, we have to ask our peeps first. So here we are...asking you.

The gentleman in question, Christopher Kingdon, will be attending the TFMU as a reader of fanfiction (currently he's reading Abstract Way - cool, right?!) and he's coming all the way from Sweden. I was skeptical at first - to be completely honest, but he gave me the following information. So you can check this out and decide for yourselves if this is something you're interested in. In the effort of full disclosure, they have offered us sponsorship funds, but that has no bearing on whether or not the presentation will go forward. That part, again, is up to you.

Fanchinima Presentation:
-About 10-15 minutes to discuss how it works and how to have your own Twific mini-movie created in Fanchinima-style. (He said cost is approx 15 Euros/$20 USD per movie)

-About 2-3 minutes to view a Fanchinima-created scene from Twilight (the movie)
-Reminder: Because the material is copyrighted the names will be changed slightly to avoid a lawsuit from you know who. Mr Kingdon also mentioned that if he were to get licensing rights that the cost would go up significantly - which is not a huge surprise.

-The company has an affiliation with this group:

Go here for a quick sample of a Fanchinima
Go here for an informational PDF on the company

Go here to vote! Survey will close Wednesday, the 28th at 9pm EST

-Your TFMU Team

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