Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello Attendees!

First, I'd like to welcome our newest sponsor, @tiffanini! She has graciously given us a TFMU discount code for American Airlines!

Below is some important information about booking your flights, as well as the information for the discount. Please let us know if you have any questions!

American Airlines 5% code: 5162EP

This can be used to book online and by phone and is good for travel to and from Vegas from June 2nd-16th in case anyone is flying in super early or staying super late. When booking by phone American charges their usual $25 booking fee, so she recommends online booking to avoid the fee. Agape (@tiffanini's company) will also book by phone for TFMU for $10 (normally our booking fee is $30) if anyone is interested in that.

Some advice:
Now through next Thursday is the best time to book on almost any airline as it's looking like they are gearing up for a price war.

Get booking people! ;-)


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  1. I there any Flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas do you know that is cheap? Our family is going to Vegas for a trip on a 2 day vacation. Can somebody give me info's about how can I find one?


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