Saturday, April 28, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @atxcullen

Say HELLO to another Texan, atxcullen!

Hello there fellow fic addicts! My name is Nissa or atxcullen online, I try to review for every story I read, sadly I haven't had the guts to write anything. Wow, I can't believe I'm heading to Vegas! I'm not really a fan of Vegas (I've only been twice in high school and I'm a penny pincher so I won't gamble), but if there was one thing to get me to take a trip to Vegas, it's Twilight FanFic! And why not make it a girls weekend with my neighborhood (Austin, TX Woot! Woot!) fanifc readers. I didn't discover Twilight until it came out on DVD and it took me about a month to warm up to it and read the books, but once I started I couldn't stop. A year later (2010) after having memorized the books, my neighbor introduced me to fanfic with Wide Awake and MOTU, after that I became an addict losing sleep and letting my house go to waste. I generally can only get into cannon pairings for stories, AH or AU, I LOVE me a good AU as long as the vamps are cannon.

I'm a stay at home mom with two kids, 6 and 2. My very adorable and extremely energetic sweeties are Kelsey and Kellan (thank you Twilight DVD for the name idea since I was 4 months pregnant when I first watched it). I have two fur babies, (Greyhound and Siamese), as well, and have gotten involved in Greyhound rescue as my escape out of the house on weekends. My husband is awesome about letting me escape in reading, though I think he gets annoyed sometimes when I leave him to deal with the kiddos alone while I get zoned out on my Kindle. I blame him though, he gave me my laptop and kindle as gifts over the past 2 years and I totally wouldn't have time to be addicted without them.

It's hard to answer the bonus question because all the fics tend to blend together for me after awhile, but I'll be any of the ficBella or Edwards that have millions of dollars. My favorite writer is Betty Smith, so maybe I'll pic the Bella from The Gentleman From Washington State or from another political writer, Bella from The Cullen Campaign. I love strong, smart, sassy, sexy and witty Bellas.

Can't wait to meet you, sweets! :)

This is your last warning before I start harassing you via twitter and email (ok, more than I already do). SEND US YOUR ATTENDEE SPOTLIGHTS ASAP!

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