Friday, April 13, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - azzurrafm

Say helllllllo to azzurrafm!

Hi my name is Francesca (my friends call me Fran), and I’ll be coming from the UK.

I’m obsessed with fanfic and my favourites include The Office, WA, Last Tango in Forks and Holding Out for You (to name a few).

I’m a huge Team Edward fan (really not keen on Jacob sorry).

My desk at work is a mini shrine to Edward and the peeps at work, know well enough to stay away from my sparkly collection: D

It’ll be my first visit to Vegas and I am so excited!! Can’t wait to do the night tour and enjoy some cocktails.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Roll on June!!

Can't wait to meet you in Vegas, Fran!

Ok, seriously, PLEASE email your spotlight or I will spank you in Vegas. Ok, maybe that's not much of an ultimatum. LOL Attn: Attendee Spotlight


Your TFMU Team

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