Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - ChiTwiGal

I'm pleased to introduce you to ChiTwiGal:

Hey, ChiTwiGal here, my friends all call me T or hey you. ;)

I'm a Midwest girl who has never strayed far from her ChiTown roots...that's Chicago for those of you not up on the lingo here. I can be classified as a Northsider because of my undying love for the Cubs & a Hockey hoor for my love of the BlackHawks!

I'll blame my friend Sue for my twific addiction due to a very long boring car ride to Ohio about 3 years (but let's not regress).

My hubs knows I love all things Twilight but knows nothing about my participation in the fandom.

I read & write (or I should say attempt to).

My life is crazy as I spend a fair share of it on the road (professionally & personally) which has given me the chance to meet others from the fandom (even though I think some actually go into hiding when I hit their town instead). Also it gave me the miles I needed to fly out for the meet up.

My real passion is to give more back then I get out of life while I'm here. I'm no Mother Theresa but I do believe even the little things count & if more of us strived to live that way the world will be a better place. So everyone who comes to the meet up, meet me by the penny slots & I'll give you a penny which you can use in a slot & get a free drink from the casino. :D Oh did I forget to tell you I can also be sarcastic?

Can't wait to meet you, T. ;)

Please email your spotlight to twificmeetup@gmail.com

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