Sunday, April 22, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - Christopher from Fanchinima

Please welcome Christopher Kingdon from Fanchinima:

Not only is Christopher a Work Shop Presenter, but also an Attendee!

Cicki @TwilightAcademy is my TwiFic mentor. She suggested I first read Animate Me by @AbstractWay. Now I understand why. It is a great story, and of course it ties in with Fanchinima, Edward is an animator!

I am really looking forward to meeting people from the TwiFic community. I want to learn how to best support them in creating TwiFic movies.

So far I am only a TwiFic reader, but I like writing, and like most people I have the ”write a book”-dream. Someday it will happen. I am new to reading Fan Fiction and so far am only reading 100% TwiFic.

I have been to Vegas a couple of times for conferences (Telecom, Internet, Media). Those visits have been almost exclusively business. Since I don’t enjoy gambling I should really go to some shows.

When I was a kid we had an American Cocker Spaniel called Dremita Girl. She was a prize winner when we got her, but we turned her into a puppy. Nowadays I have kids instead, three of them; 18, 4 and 1 years old. Myself, I am 44 years old.

I haven’t seen the Hunger Games movie….

If I were to be a FanFiction character: Being a British subject of an oldish family, I would have to be FicEdward.

Pictures included:

1) In Punkaharju, Finland, at the summer house of the late Russians Tsar's wife. I stay there when I attend the Savonlinna Opera festival.

2) Free diving in the west indies.

Thanks so much for sharing your bio with us, Christopher! Can't wait to meet you in Vegas and watch all these amazing TwiFic Movies!!

-Your TFMU Team :-D

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