Monday, April 16, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - Credoroza

If you don't know Credoroza, you should. Here she is!

OK, so chatting about myself is not my forte, but oh my gosh Aleighy is sooo pushy wanting the dish on everyone!

Let's see...I am the Fandom Fanatic and I am known for stalking the writers, I think everyone pretty much knows that about me. The meet up is just a perfect place for me to roam and actually meet who I have been following and writing about all this time. Oh! I am rooming with two fabulous writers too! Will have hidden cameras and tape recorders strapped to me at all times *grinning*.

What else *tapping finger on chin*, I think I wound up here pretty much the same as many of us. Love of The Twilight Saga and the mutual disappointment with SM and her fade to black! My first story I fell in love with was Lola Shoes' "Let Your Light Shine" trilogy. Now that was what I would have loved to have read in Breaking Dawn. I soon discovered the amazing stories and talented writers in the fandom and was hooked and obsessed. I started following many writers on twitter and soon started my blog, a very socially acceptable way of stalking. I have chatted and interviewed so many and have loved every minute of it, made some great friends in the process as well.

Really looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone. It will be a complete blast! After all, I've never been to Vegas but have been told...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

See you all there!

What? I'm pushy? Pshhhhh. What are you talking about? LOL Ok, maybe a little. ;) Can't wait to meet you!

So, you heard it from Credorosa - I'm pushy. HURRY UP AND SEND ME YOUR SPOTLIGHT. ;) Attn: Attendee Spotlight

I'm really not as scary as I sound. Promise. :)


Your TFMU Team

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