Friday, April 20, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - Jessica1971

Say HOLLLAH to Jessica1971:

Hey there, I’m Jessica, also known as Jessica1971 on FF & Twilighted, SmokeyRosey on Twitter (my name had already been taken when I signed up for twitter.. argh!!). I’m 40, divorced (divorced so long I consider myself just plain single), and have a beautiful dog named Belle (no kids of the 2-legged variety). I live in Maryland, but am very close to DC/VA, and am fortunate enough to have several very cool fandom friends who live close enough that we get together from time to time.

I read Twilight a few weeks after the movie came out. A friend of mine was very persuasive despite my insistence that I wasn’t into “the vampire thing”. Boy, am I glad she convinced me! Read the book, saw the movie, devoured the rest of the books. Then I read them again. After that, I was like, “what now?” So I did some Google searching and found a very interesting article about Twilight that included a section on fan fiction & some of the best stories at the time. My first fan fic was a 2 chapter “missing moment” from Breaking Dawn called Isle Esme by Vixen1836. It gave me everything I was looking for instead of the “fade to black” that frustrated the hell out of me. From that point I was hooked.

I haven’t written any FF, but I’ve beta’d for a bunch of stories & love reading FF & being a part of the community. I can’t wait to meet all the TFMU attendees in Vegas!

We can't wait, either! :)

Please email us your spotlights so I can stop bugging you. ;)

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