Monday, April 23, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - KYGirlTwo

I'm pleased to introduce you to the beautiful, KYGirlTwo:

Hi! I'm Mindy but you probably know me as KYGirltwo. I'm a stay at home mom to two little girls in Kentucky.

My love of Twilight began right around the time New Moon was being released on DVD. Kinda late to the party but what a party it is! I got the books and movies from a coworker of my husband's and have been hooked ever since. Of course, Rob took the place of my obsession which lead to me to RAoR (Random Acts of Rob). These ladies cracked me up and I felt a strange kinship to them. Every Sunday they would have fanfiction recs and I would just ignore them for the longest time. I had just had a baby and couldn't find time to shower much less read. Curiosity got the best of me when they would not stop talking about MotU. From the first chapter I was a goner. I loved it and then realized there were many more stories out there which were FREE! AND we got to be involved a little in the process giving the authors feedback. GENIUS! So now I spend every free minute I get trying to read a story from my neverending 'to be read' list.

I can't wait to meet everyone in Vegas! I'm looking forward to putting faces with these beautiful people who have enriched my life and made me feel more like a friend than many people in my real life. Hugs and kisses!!

Can't wait to hug you in real life!

If you haven't sent us your spotlight I will haunt you in your dreams. Ok, not really but I will have to call you out on the twitter, which is equally as bad. ;)

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