Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - RenaBug1

Hey ya'll, say hello to RenaBug1!

I'm Rena (online as RenaBug1). I'm single. I write fan fiction under this name as well. Since I missed out on a Forks trip with the Twitarded group this past Fall, it's Vegas for me this year. I'm terribly shy in real life until I get to know you...so it's good I already know some people who will be at TFMU!
When I'm not writing fan fic, I scrapbook, make Rob cards, or quilt...and spend a lot of time on Twitter. Feel free to follow me, if you'd like! I'd love to chat with you before Vegas.

Thanks so much for submitting your bio, Rena! We can't wait to meet you in Vegas!

We want to know alllll about YOU. Send us your bio! twificmeetup@gmail.com Subject: Attendee Spotlight

Your TFMU Team

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