Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - Twi-Lin

Let's meet Twi-Lin! Please make her feel welcome. :)

Hey y'all!!!! I'm Chylynn (pronounced Chai Lynn like Chai tea). I'm also known as Twi-Lin on FFN. I just changed my twitter name from @Twi_Lin to @Chye_Lin. I'm from the Land of Forks. Well not's 3.5 hours away!

After reading the Twilight Saga over and over, my daughter suggested that I check out Twilight Fanfiction. She used to read Harry Potter Fanfiction all the time. I have to say if I knew how lemony fan fiction can be, I would have paid a little more attention to what she was reading when she was 14!

Since I started reading Twilight FanFic in approximately August 2010, not one day has gone by that I haven't read something Twilight related. I always have a story going and I'm on the lookout for the next one that will own me. As far as fic goes I usually read Edward/Bella. I don't mind Bella/Jasper and Edward/Jasper doesn't bother me if the story is well written.

I am Team Edward and totally Team Robsten!

I'm really looking forward to going to Las Vegas and I'm bringing my hubs along. He's a great man that puts up with my Twilight Fic and Rob obsession! He has actually read MOTU and EP but refuses to read anymore fic until I read the book 'Dies the Fire'. Maybe one day I will read it so I can get him to read some other stories.

The picture is my Hubs and I from Halloween. I was Chubby Bella from page 488 of BD and he was Chubby Edward from BD. See...he's a great sport!

I have made some wonderful friends from all around the world in the fandom! I can't wait to see some of them that are going to Vegas and sooooo looking to meeting more of you! xoxo

So excited to meet you, Chylynn!

If you haven't emailed us your spotlight.... WHY? The lovely Amanda (theswandive) has made it easy by writing up some questions you can answer if you don't know what to write. Check it out HERE. Email: Attn: Attendee Spotlight

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