Monday, April 2, 2012

Make Your Fic Into A Movie? IF ONLY...

If only there was a way to see Edward (ahem, I mean Edmond) from "insert your favorite fanfiction here" or Bella (err...I mean Belle) from "insert your favorite fanfiction here" appear on screen - just like they do in your head...if only...WAIT! THERE IS A WAY!

FANCHINIMA *angels sing and bright lights shine* CAN DO IT.

The majority ruled and we will be graced with a presentation on FAN-CHI-NI-MA at this year's TFMU. This means they need YOU (the author of said fanfiction) to share your story and visions in order to create a 2-3 minute "mini movie or trailer" to bring your characters to life.

But your fic is all-porn-all-the-time, you say? We're going to have to indoctrinate these guys(and girls?) into the Twific way of life at some point, aren't we? (PSA: This is not a call for Porn-Filled FanFic - we also want plot people. ;-D)

We are asking for up to 10 (TEN) authors to submit their fics for presentation at the meet up on June 9, 2012. SO EMAIL US ASAP.

If you're not one of the lucky few who will get their Fanchinima presented at the meet up - don't fret! They have offered FREE Premium Fanchinima services - for a year - for every person who attends the TFMU 2012 in Las Vegas!

Still not convinced that this is something you'd be interested in? No problem, HERE is an example of MANchinima - not specifically fanfiction-related nor made by our new friends. It's about parking - so not exactly riveting, but still a good example. If you're up for something more intriguing (or just plain weird) HERE is a manchinima about Men's Restroom Etiquette. Again - not FANchinima, nor made by our new friends.

Hopefully this helps you get a better idea of what this presentation (and free services) is all about. If not, please feel free to drop us a line.

The TFMU Staff

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