Sunday, May 6, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @AbstractWay

Ever heard of the story Animate Me? If not you may be living under a rock. Here is the author, Ruth. :)

Hi, I’m Ruth but you may know me as Abstract Way or abbie. 
I’m an art publisher and art director, and have had my own business in Burbank, California for the last eleven years. My design degree is in photography and I’ve also worked as a graphic designer. One of the things I love about having my own business is that it has allowed me to be very involved in my daughter’s life. Snarky (which is her twitter name) hangs out at my studio after school. I have been a Girl Scout leader for 7 years and a room parent more times than I can count!

I have always been passionate about my hobbies and my involvement in the Twi/FanFic world is no exception. One day my daughter came home complaining that all her friends ever talked about was “Twilight” so I suggested we watch the movie so she would at least know what they were talking about. One night we were watching Twilight on pay-per-view, the next day I was at Target buying the DVD and book series, and the rest is fan-girl history.

I started out as a passionate fanfic reader and was amazed at all the fantastic stories right at our fingertips. I had grown up on soap operas, so I loved the serial nature of this medium where you get the story in pieces. I also loved that you could communicate with the authors through reviews and twitter.

When the idea to write a story came to me I decided  that if I wrote fifteen chapters and felt good about it I would post it. Well, once I started writing the passion took hold and I never looked back. I’ve spent two solid years working on my two stories. My only time I have to write is from 10:30 at night until Midnight when you will often find me asleep with my fingers still on my laptop’s keyboard. Ironically my husband and my daughter are both writers and are still rather stunned that I’m writing now too.

If you’re read either of my stories, Work of Art or Animate Me you know how much I love artists. My stories were inspired by people I’ve known and loved. I’ve been privileged to work with incredibly talented people with vivid personalities that are certainly fun to write about.

I’m so grateful for FanFic because of the fun experiences and wonderful friendships I’ve made with people all over the world. I’m looking forward to making new friends in Vegas and spending time with friends I’ve only known online up until now. 

Can't wait to meet you in Vegas, sweets. I may fangirl just a tiny bit. Just ignore me. :)


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