Thursday, May 3, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @BelleDuJournee

I'm pleased to introduce you to BelleDuJour:

I came fairly late to the Twilight world. All four books had been released by the time a friend handed me the first one, innocently asking if I'd read any of them. I had seen enough After School Specials to recognize the look in my friend's eye for what it really was - a dealer offering that first, free hit. Four books and a very short time later, I still wanted more, more, more. I Googled Stephenie Meyer and Twilight to see what else she had on offer, and to my eternal gratitude, was among the search results. And that was the beginning of a beautiful obsession.

Sad to say, I don’t remember the very first fanfiction story I read. My account tells me that Melolabel’s A New Frontier was the first story I’d made a favorite; I’m more than happy to consider that the first one. She’s also one of my favorite authors and I’d be lying if I said I did not squee like a girl when I saw her name on the TFMU attendees list. (Mel, I promise not to fangirl too much.)

In addition to being an avid FF reader, I am a proud member of Project Team Beta. I currently beta for ADADancer, XxMementoMorixX and joyousnerd – check out their wonderful stories!

My favorite genres range from historic (the aforementioned Melolabel, Lady Gwynedd, counselor, TwiLoverSue, symphiann, sheviking) to mature (tara sue me and Snowqueens Icedragon, anyone?). Dooba’s Torn currently owns me heart and soul. That girl has a gift for conveying emotions.

I am most looking forward to hanging with others who are as passionate about FF as I am. I get weird looks at work – my door is absolutely covered with Edward Cullen pictures – and it’ll be nice to hang with people who just get it. I’ve been to Vegas before and I’m a lousy gambler. If money is going to fly out of my wallet, I want something to show for it. So if you can’t find me at a TFMU event, I’ll be at an outlet mall.

If I could be any FicBella, I’d be the Bella from araeo’s Work in Progress because I think it would be fun to have my organs talk to me.

In addition to being blessed with an incredibly sweet, patient husband (who is letting me go to Vegas without him on his birthday weekend), I have a beautiful 22 year-old beard step-daughter who attends all Twilight midnight movie premieres with me. We are completely owned by two very spoiled cats.

Thanks, bb. If you decide to go to the outlets let me know. I might just catch a ride with you! :)

Time is running out and soon we will be soaking up the sun in Vegas. But first you need to send us your attendee spotlight. Like, NOW.

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