Saturday, May 5, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @cmdww

Are you getting sick of us yet? Nooooo, didn't think so. ;) Let me introduce you to Cathy:

I hate doing profiles. Can I do Emmett's instead? Didn't think so.
Hi, I'm Cathy (cmdww-twitter) Cathy9 ( from Toronto. In RL I'm a supply(sub) teacher who wants her own damn classroom in September. Been a supply for 6 years now.

I've been writing since 2003 on starting with West Wing.
I recently started writing a Twilight fic called All Aboard staring Emmett with an OC (Grace) and the rest of the Cullens and Hales.

My 14 year old cousin told me I had to read Twilight in the summer before the movie came out. I told her I wasn't in to vampires and she used the trust me card. Four days later, I had finished up to Eclipse and was peeved that I had to wait almost a month for Breaking Dawn. I'm Team Edward all the way and love Rob. I'm also Team Em(adore Kellan) and Team Alice.

I'm reading TwiFics every day to the point where I don't think I'll ever have time to read everything in my favourites and bookmarks. I'm a serious fic addict and I refuse to get help. I've read so many, I can't even remember what my first TwiFic was. Several of my favourties were published like: I Love LA (The Unidentified Redhead series), Take The Cake, Poughkeepsie, University of Edward Mason (Gabriel's Inferno) and Crushed Seraphim. Most of the fics I read are Edward and Bella but I love it when all the Cullens are involved too.    

I've been to Vegas before about 6 years ago and Monte Carlo was one of the only hotels I didn't visit.  I wanted Cold Stone ice cream (cake batter) too much at the Excalibur to check it out. Ice cream beats hotel any day.

I'll be the 5"4 1/2 pale girl with brown hair (in a ponytail), brown eyes, biting my lower lip convincing myself that being shy is not an option. The sun and I are not friends. I get a burn, experience pain, peel then I'm white again. I wear 60 sunscreen and yet I still get a sunburn. 

Can't wait for June to get here! 

Can't wait to meet you in Vegas! 

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