Friday, May 25, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @holdmeransom


Hello all!

My real name is Stephanie.

I suffer from epic wordiness and fic multiple personalities, so pardon the lengthy intro:
Some know me as HoldmeRansom, or maybe Lostluggage, or SoLostinTwilight… Mama and sometimes Crazy Bi…. oh. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit that one…

I work at Long Beach State in Los Angeles. I have a lovely son and supportive hubs that gracefully tolerates my fascination with British men. When I am not mentoring and acting like a college student myself, I am a lighting designer. Every other waking moment is spent writing, or Googling, or watching Amish documentaries. I read when I can, but am so far behind in reading, I wish I had my own Tardis to go back in time so I could have just a few more hours.

I am fail at drabbles. My attempt at a drabble is now longer than most novels. *Hangs head in drabbly shame*

My first introduction to Twilight was in the theatre waiting for Harry Potter, thinking that silly trailer with the boy who looked like Cedric would never amount to anything… *blushes*

Six months later my students insisted I read the books and then introduced me to more than a fade to black in the form of fan fic… namely The Office by tby789 and The List by Laura Cullen.

On a playful dare, my grad student made me write a saucy version of Bella’s bedroom with Edward. And thus started my daily routine of skipping the gym in favor of flattening my backside in order to write what all the voices in my head told me to write. Three years later, I am still writing my first multi-chapter story, Need To Escape over on Twilighted. It may never end.  

Other voices invade now and again, thanks to inspiration from my awkward BritBoy muse (thanks Rob for sporting the Amish alligator look) and I write them down, thinking one day I will be able to write something in under 500 words…

Oh look! This could be it!

I’m a little nutty and so excited about coming to Vegas (it’s like Chuckie Cheese without the bad pizza and screaming kids and there’s booze!). But most of all I can’t wait to meet up with some wonderful people that until now have been only on my screen. Can’t wait to meet ya’ll!

*glances at word count* whew… under 500! A miracle!

See you soon!


Thank you Steph! We can't wait to meet you in VEGAAAAS!! 


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