Monday, May 21, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @impetuouslamb / @masochisticlife

Drumroll please . . .  I can't wait to introduce you to my friend, Sandy. (Isn't she pretty?!!)

Everything you never knew you’ve always wanted to know about me:

1. I’m wayyyyy fun when I drink – unless I start crying

2. First FF: Strings by jdbeaner – after that I was hooked
     a. Unsolicited Feedback: I only read complete stories, as I’m too impatient to wait for updates, and it’s too hard to remember which story lines go with which story

3. Favorite FF: Everclear by Chandler2100 (It’s an Evanescence {the band} & Twilight crossover)

4. I don’t write ff, I merely read. I have beta’d, however I don’t have time to officially commit to it

5. I wear Cherry Chapstick and I cheat on my Cherry Chapstick

6. I love ALL ff, but prefer angst … and smut between any character combination

7. Insider Information: I plan on consuming massive amounts of sugar-free Red Bull vodka and Pinot Grigio – you should too

8. This meetup is taking my Vegas virginity! I’m counting on ALL OF YOU to make it the best ever! Give me booze, and I’ll keep up my end of the deal. I’m not super excited to do anything except be with @esbrandofheroin and a bunch of Twilight and Twific obsessives like myself – our destination is merely a means to an end!

9. Pets and kids – I have both – but do you REALLY CARE? I also have a husband. Stalk my Facebook for additional info about them: Sandy Brundage Anderson. This conversation is now over, as June 7-10 is officially FAMILY & RESPONSIBILITY FREE!!!

10. I’m dramatic and high maintenance, but have awesome hair, cute toes and an over the top, did she REALLY say that, flirty personality
11. I want a tattoo of the Cullen Crest – anyone want to get it with me while in Vegas?

12. I’m addicted to, and bi-polar on Twitter: @super5nova (boring RL me), @impetuouslamb (filterless, private account me), @masochisticlife (my new fav-star wanna-be me)

I mentioned Red Bull Vodka in there, right? Who is hosting a party in their room? How many pairs of wedge heels can a girl fit into a carryon suitcase?

I seriously can't wait to smooch and and squeeze you! Brace yo'self! :)

We only have 2.5 weeks until we are all in Vegas partying it up. WE NEED YOUR SPOTLIGHTS NOW. HURRY!

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  1. OMG I sent you a few pictures to choose from, not to post all of them! Glad you did the photoshopped perfect complexion one though - just wait until everyone sees the real me :) Can't wait to smooch and squeeze you too!!!!!!!!!


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