Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @IPaintEdward

Sssshh, everyone listen! IPaintEdward has something to tell you!

Hey all you crazy twi-gals.

My name is Ann, and the only way to explain how I came about Twilight and the fandom is this….

It’s all his fault!!!

That’s right. Let’s lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of my then just-turned 16 year old son. Yeah. It’s all his fault. He wanted to see what the hoorah was about and talked me into buying Twilight, the book, so he could see the movie when it came out the following month.

On his way out the door to jump on his bike, headed to Barnes and Noble to buy New Moon (a scant 2 days later), he said, “Here, Mom. You’ll like this.”

I was doomed.

I waited until Winter Break to start them; I didn’t want nightmares keeping me up. You know they’re about vampires, right? ROFL

Yeah, well, 4 days after starting them, I was googling “Twilight.”  Surely I wasn’t the only 50ish mom that fell in love with them. First, Twilight Moms; then some other things; finally, I found fan fiction.

O! M! G!

My first fic was “Wide Awake.” I read voraciously for a year, I couldn’t begin to tell you all the fics I read, and wound up becoming a beta. Uh, huh. A beta. Mambomama. Didn’t have a clue . . .

One of the lovely ladies I’ll name in a bit convinced me to start writing.  IPaintEdward was born. I tentatively put a toe in, and immediately withdrew. A few one shots under my belt and I decided to start a full length fic. Then life happened. I’m hoping by the time I see you wonderful gals in June there will be a couple new chapters of it up.

I have met and become friends with the most amazing assortment of ladies. Some I’ve never met in person; others I have, and still others, I will.

I’m an elementary school teacher, living in Southern California’s High Desert, with my man, two English bull dogs named Hercules and Bailey, a black cat that thinks he owns everything, and . . . our roommate. Ugh!

My son has moved to San Diego, to live with his dad and attend college after graduating from high school last May. I miss him terribly, but it’s also nice to just be me for a change. No more neighborhood mom!  Some days, I miss all the boys, but mostly, I’m just glad that part is over.

Over the years, as life changed and altered, my available time to sit and enjoy the fandom has dwindled, but I have never left it behind completely. Twilight owns me, or should I say Rob owns me, and I am a lifer. Some of my favorite writers to read are Breath of Twilight, Bella Madonna, Betty Smith, BilliCullen, Dragons Exist, HockeyMom4, Ms. Bond, PixieH, oh there are so many more. . . . If you haven’t heard of these gals, be sure to check out their amazing fics. You’ll thank me later.

I’m looking forward to this crazy twi-meet-up and can’t wait to be able to put faces to pen names and pen names to real names….you get the picture J

See ya all in (counting on fingers) OoOoo, 31 days!!!!

ACTUALLY, as of this post it's only TWENTY ONE DAYS! O. M. G.
We're excited to meet YOU too, Ann! Can't wait! 

There's still time to send us YOUR spotlight. Come on, you know you wanna! ;-D


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