Friday, May 11, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @JenJadeEyes

JenJadeEyes is a total sweetheart. Give her a warm welcome!

Hello all - my name is Jen - JenJadeEyes is the name you'll see my under on and Twitter. I was dragged to the first Twilight movie by my niece Harley, who asked me to take her to see "that new vampire movie." I told her I wouldn't if there was gore involved; I don't do gore. She told me it was a love story. I didn't believe her, and the minute Edward covered his mouth in the classroom, I turned to her and said, "I'm telling you, if he hurls, we're leaving the theater." He didn't, she convinced me that Bella was funnier in the books (and by this, she must have meant more sarcastic, is all I can figure), and I read all four the next weekend. Then I was hooked.

I honestly can't remember which fic I read first, but the first BIG one was Wide Awake. I miss HunterHunting and TaraSueMe. KiyaRaven's "The Screamers" is funny/heartrending. I also enjoy historical fics - as long as I can't spot an anachronism. If I see one, I have to stop reading. It's a thing. Lady Gwenydd is my go-to historical fic writer.  I also write fic - I'm currently working on an ending to my first longer story (over 10 chapters); I'm hoping to have that done before I get to Vegas! (Insert snickering from SqueakyZorro and HollettLA here....)

I've been married for 12 years (so stop me if you see me drunkenly heading to a wedding chapel with someone in tow), and am a SAHM to an energetic and creative 6 1/2 (the half is IMPORTANT) year old daughter and a four year old boy who never stops walking around.  We just moved into a new house; I still have boxes everywhere.  I'm going to NEED the vacation in a few weeks! 

I helped put together IndyTFMU. We had a great time with a great group of ladies, and I'm really looking forward to having a great time and meeting everyone I can in Las Vegas! I haven't been before, and quite frankly, I sunburn so quickly I'll be like an old-fashioned vampire and avoid this sun like the plague while I'm there. That's cool though, it'll leave me more time to meet more wonderful people and chat about fic with like-minded folks!

It's getting so close now!  *CHEER*

Can't wait to meet you!

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