Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @JT040708

Please welcome Jenny0719! :)

*waves* I’m lame and am just going to answer all the questions given to us. I am no good at talking about myself.

So here it is:

1. What was the 1st Twilight FanFiction that you read? Did it only entice you to read more? Why or why not?

The first fic I *remember* reading was Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward. I probably read some other widely known fic before then, but I was so overwhelmed, I can’t remember what it would have been. After that, I was consumed. I read everything I could get my hands on; I fic dived before I even knew what it was. What stands out for me most about HOFY, though – and I’ve said it before – was that after it completed, I thought that it was something I could do too. Maybe not as well, but it was the first time the possibility of writing occurred to me.

So I did.

2. What are you most looking forward to at the Twific Meet Up?

Meeting everyone and seeing those I’ve met before again. No really. That’s about it. And drinking. I mean, come on… It’s Vegas!

3. Are you a reader or a writer, or both?


-If you're a writer, what genre(s) do you mainly write?  I write mostly AH, somewhat (depending on your definition) angsty stuff.  And that’s enough of that.

-If you're a reader, what genre(s) do you mainly read?  I’ll read almost anything so long as it’s well-written. I’m a grammar freak, so if I see something –beta’d or not – with a lot of grammar issues, I tend to drop it and move on to something else. I can’t help it.

4. Have you ever been to Vegas before? If yes, tell us what you loved/hated most about it. If you haven't been, what are you most excited to see - or on the opposite side of the spectrum - what are you most worried about when visiting Vegas? (I'm worried about excessive sweating, tbh.)

I love Vegas. I don’t gamble, but I do love going in and out of the casinos, etc, and just seeing the sights and how things have changed since the last time I was there. I’m looking forward to seeing LOVE again (We’ll be going Thursday night before the majority of people get there). As for being worried? Um… I don’t really have any worries. I’ve done a planned style meet-up before – Hi, Indy girls!!! – and it was a blast.

Except I got lost. So maybe that would be a worry ;)

5. Have any pets? Kids? If so, tell us how many and their breeds (the dogs, people, the dogs). We love animals! (Well, I do.) (And kids, too!)

My house is full. Like, to the brim. I have a nine year old daughter and a five year old son. We have a weimaraner and a miniature beagle. We also have a cat. Oh, and a betta.

You see what I mean now, don’t you?
6. What did you think of The Hunger Games movie? WHAT?! WE ALL SAW IT DIDN'T WE?! (Just kidding. Psst...go ahead and answer it if you want to, I won't care.)

Ha. Yeah, I saw it. I liked it a lot. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Bonus Question:
If you could be one FicBella, FicEdward, FicEmmett, FicJasper or FicAlice (you get the picture-pick any character) for one day - which one would it be? (I would totes be FicEdward in @TruceOver's A Tale of Two Cities)

Err…. Trick question!! Not answering! Lol

 LOL! It's not a trick question! ;) Can't wait to meet you, bb. 

We have 2 weeks and 2 days until TFMU. HOLY SHIT! SQUEEEEEE! Send us those spotlights NOW. HURRY!

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