Thursday, May 10, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @MistressRowynn

Please welcome the very beautiful, Mistress Rowynn Eire. She will be speaking at TFMU! :)

My name is Mistress Rowynn Eire, and I am a Professional Dominatrix and BDSM/fetish/alternative lifestyle educator. I am the creator and host of the series "Ask A Mistress LIVE!" and have been providing education on kink to the public for several years. My purpose at this convention is to provide a lecture and Q&A segment to your group in order to shed light on the subject and psychology of BDSM and in so doing to allow writers of fan fiction within your group to write better informed characters and scenes with a BDSM foundation. 

Seriously. Cannot. Wait. *faints*

We are almost out of time. PLEASE send us your attendee spotlights by this weekend.

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