Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - NKubie

Give a big HELLLLLLO to NKubie!

Hi! I’m Nan, but known as NKubie on FFN, Twilighted and Facebook. Although I have a couple of stories posted, I still consider myself more of a reader than a writer. I LOVE reading Twific and it was a dream come true when I started getting the opportunities to pre-read. I also love Twilight (obviously), Rob, reading and my family, not necessarily in that order.  I’m also a big Edward/Bella shipper and HEA is generally a hard limit for me. As far as fics go, I love witty banter, intelligent writing and techversations (see below for more on that). In fact, I’m a huge sucker for a couple of text messages and emails between E&B.

I tend to like a lot of variety in my hobbies so I have also taken two years of drum lessons, Hip Hop dancing, Zumba and have performed in Community Theater. I’m a big Chicago Bears fan and love an eclectic variety of music.

I’m also the inventor of the word ‘techversation,’ which you can find on Urban Dictionary, as well as the founding member of SMUTT (Shitty Moms United Through Twific), which started during the group re-read of Emancipation Proclamation.

I live in a Chicago suburb, though I was born in New York and have also lived in New Jersey and Pennsylvania before moving to the Midwest. I’m married and have two children; a boy age 12 and girl age 5 (soon to be 6, which she will tell you often).  My mom also lives with us. Don’t get me started on that! LOL

This is not my first fanfic fandom (I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction), but it’s the first one where I really interacted heavily and certainly the first where I actually got to meet other fandom members in person.  To say I’m excited about going to the Meet Up is putting it mildly. I’m practically buzzing with anticipation! There are so many wonderful people that I need to give ginormous hugs to and that have become very dear friends.

I want to thank you to you ladies who have organized this get together! I don’t think I’d have the opportunity to meet so many of my fandom friends otherwise. Your hard work is not going unappreciated!


Your very welcome, Nan. We can't wait to meet everyone in Vegas! :)

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