Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @thetinkk

INTRODUCINGGGGG... thetinkk! :)

1. What was the 1st Twilight FanFiction that you read? Did it only entice you to read more? Why or why not?

First fic I read was Ithaca is Gorges by giselle-lx.  Absolutely loved it!  Carlisle's mind was amazing, and the pain of having Edward leave was so visceral.  

First AH was Coming to Terms by GinnyW.  I was surprised that I enjoyed an Edward who wasn't a vampire.

2. What are you most looking forward to at the Twific Meet Up?

Meeting a lot of the people I've only been able to chat with on gchat.  Can't wait to see them in person.  :)

3. Are you a reader or a writer, or both?


-If you're a writer, what genre(s) do you mainly write?  I've written a little of everything, honestly.  My most current story is an Alternate Universe.  

-If you're a reader, what genre(s) do you mainly read?  A little of everything - but it has to be well written.  Not a fan of unbeta'd work.

4. Have you ever been to Vegas before? If yes, tell us what you loved/hated most about it. If you haven't been, what are you most excited to see - or on the opposite side of the spectrum - what are you most worried about when visiting Vegas? (I'm worried about excessive sweating, tbh.)

Been to Vegas a bunch of times.  I don't gamble, really, but I enjoy walking through some of the newer casinos and walking along the strip to watch the fountains at the Belagio, etc.  Vegas is an great place to people-watch, my favorite pasttime while I'm there.  I LOVE the roller coaster at the New York, New York, and I'm totally planning on riding the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere.  Worries...not many.  Maybe the heat.  

5. Have any pets? Kids? If so, tell us how many and their breeds (the dogs, people, the dogs). We love animals! (Well, I do.) (And kids, too!)

1 overgrown kid - aka husband, 4 children, and 2 cats - oh and a grandpuppy (a very intelligent German Shepherd).  :)

6. What did you think of The Hunger Games movie? WHAT?! WE ALL SAW IT DIDN'T WE?! (Just kidding. Psst...go ahead and answer it if you want to, I won't care.)

Of course I saw it.  Made me wish someone else had made the Twilight movies, js.

Bonus Question:
If you could be one FicBella, FicEdward, FicEmmett, FicJasper or FicAlice (you get the picture-pick any character) for one day - which one would it be? (I would totes be FicEdward in @TruceOver's A Tale of Two Cities)

That isn't a fair question!  lol

Honestly, I really enjoy the FicBella in 'A Garment of Brightness'.  She is discovering the truth about Edward in a much healthier way.   It's the same reason I enjoy 'The Keepsake' so much.  A much healthier relationship between Edward and Bella.

Can't wait to meet you! Please send us your spotlights! We are running out of time! 

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