Sunday, May 20, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - tsmo836

Let's give a warm welcome to our friend, tsmo836!

Hi, I am Tracy (tsm0836) and live in the 'Top End' of Australia. Full time shift worker with two boys 5/8.  I am at that age when everything is sagging and eye sight is going (oh the joy).  My FF addiction is kept hidden away from family and only one friend knows.  My family just thinks I read stories on the computer. .  Apart from my boys, who could be classed as animals sometimes, we have a menagerie of a rabbit/chooks/dog and various wild animals that are not welcome such as cane toads and snakes. 

A friend at work was going on about Twilight and told me to read the books.  It was about the time New Moon was coming out.  So it took me about three turns to finally watch Twilight.  I then went and bought the New Moon book.  Which I skipped through and couldn't see what all the fuss was about.  After being severely chastised for my disregard of the story I relented and read Twilight.  It was like the magic Ms Myers scattered through the pages worked it's way into my psyche and I read (reread NM) over a couple of days.  As I was going through a crappy time in RL the books pulled me in and sent me to a happier place.  Of course I needed more to feed this addiction.  Not too sure how I came about FF (old age will do that to my memory) or what was my first fic as I skipped through a lot of mediocre ones.  The one that stands out is, And with Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain.  I am blown away constantly by the quality of writing that is available for all to read for free.  I love the interaction with the writers.  As a reader only I appreciate the time and effort that goes into all stories and I do try to leave positive reviews or say nothing at all if I don't have anything nice to say.  There is so much I have taken from these stories and many times have been taken out of my comfort zone.  Just love a well written story do  have a preference for AH but will never discount a great Vamp fic.

The reason I am coming to this meet up is because I saw the author of my 'guilty pleasure' story pimping it in her A/N.  The opportunity to meet her and others that pulled me out of my R/L stuff and into their stories was too good an opportunity to miss.  As I don't tweet or Facebook this is my opportunity to indulge my obsession with like minded.  So I apologise now to these wonderful ladies who's stories I love, I promise I am not a scary stalker.  Will probably just gaze at you in awe. 

The last time I was in Vegas was in 1986 so no doubt a few things have changed.  Looking forward to people watching and just chatting my arse off about all things FF.  Cannot wait to meet you all.


Thank you so so much for sharing with us, Tracy. I do have one question for you...what in the world is a chook?! ;-) No, seriously.

Can't wait to meet you in Vegas!


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