Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @delitefuld13

Hey ya'll, say heyyyy to delitefuld13!

Hi all.  I'm Dominique (D131313/@delitefuld13).  I am sitting as a Cosi writing my attendee spotlight because I just moved from the west coast to the east coast a week ago and don't have Internet.  And despite the lovely twitter harassment I got to write this I just was too stressed out, in denial, depressed about leaving sunny Southern California  to do this earlier.  Which actually brings me how I got into Twilight. I did the same move in reverse (east to west) one week before the movie Twilight came out.  I had no interest in seeing the movie, but bought the book out of curiosity. I stopped reading it after the first chapter because I thought it was really poorly written. Fast forward a couple months to February 2009 and I am in the worse pain I have ever been in my life (thanks to a tumor growing in my spine like a little alien), taking Vicoden like candy, and home from work when something in me said let me give this Twilight book a chance. I read all the books in 3 days and I finally got myself to the last theatre in town showing the movie. I was not happy with some(*cough Rob*) of the actors at all, but yeah, I liked the movie and like the Vicoden I was taking every 4 hours, I needed more. 

 I got into Twilight fanfiction within 10 days of reading all the books and seeing the movie via the IMDB New Moon message board where some people were going on and on about Wide Awake. I don't know if I would have gotten into fanfiction if I would have read any other fic first.  I was hooked. Within a couple of months I no longer needed the Vicoden (thanks to advances in modern medicine not fanfiction) but I still had a three fic a day habit. 

 I remember going to the first Twilight fanfiction panel at SDCC in 2009. I never considered getting in line for the New Moon Panel that year I just wanted to go to the fanfiction panel. I went  fan girl crazy in my head over Angstgoddess.   I think there were maybe only 15 people watching the room that day and I remember thinking how cool it was to be around other people who are into this stuff.  My fic habit lasted for a good two and a half years in which I met some awesome people who I did crazy fun things with and are the reasons I am going to TFMU.

  Now I am only an occasional reader, like when stories that I have been in progress since 2009 spontaneously update (I'm still dreaming of that Hydraulic 5 ending).  I do have 2 one shots that aren't much of anything but random thoughts.

  I love Vegas this will be my third trip this year.  I am excited for the lemon blueberry cupcakes at the Cupecakery in Monte Carlo and tall pretty men (to many short trolly men in my new town).  I was told by another attendee that I do Vegas like people in the movies do Vegas.  This is true, I can only give further details in person while in Vegas.   You might even see me partying in the dress my lovely mother made me that is a replica of Alice's dress she wore to the wedding.

*My attached picture is of me in white sunglasses looking at Rob and making my eew he's just not cute face.

I already love you. You are a funny lady. However, good luck to you my dear. I think you're distaste for The Pretty might get you beaten up in the back alley of the Monte Carlo. (Does Vegas have back alleys? I'm from Chicago and that's where take people to beat them up.) I'll try to protect you as much as I can, but I make no promises. ;-)


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