Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - EdwardsVampireGirl

Say HEY to EdwardsVampireGirl!

Hello Everyone!

I guess I should start with saying my real name is Melissa.  I'm EdwardsVampireGirl on ff, Facebook, Twilighted and TWCS.  I don't do Twitter because I scarcely have time for the other four.  Sadly, I have no pic to share because I take all the pics - besides I hate having my pic taken any way. :D

I became addicted to Twilight in October, 2009.   My friend's teenage daughter talked about it constantly so I decided to rent the movie to see what the hype was about. Yeah, figured out the hype real fast!  I watched the movie 2 or 3 times that day then went out and bought all four books.  I had finished them the first time within a week.  I read the books 3 or 4 more times before I stumbled upon fanfiction.  I was surfing through sites looking for info on the NM release and read a discussion about Wide Awake.  I hunted it down, read a bit, decided it wasn't for me and clicked on the pretty little X to close it out then read the books again.  A few weeks later, I decided to give WA a try again because I just felt I needed more - yet something different and became hooked.  I started looking for others, found them and the rest is history as they say.  I actually have found many many stories that I like better than the books.  I've tried all kinds of stories and have found that I pretty much stick to BxE stories. Definitely no Jacob/Bella.  My favorite Jakes are actual dogs or gay (my absolute fav being a drag queen who calls himself Jatina). For the last little while I have avoided really angsty stories because I need the escape from the stresses of RL.  

I'm horribly late with this because RL is making me insane right now.  I also didn't realize until yesterday that the Meet Up was actually this weekend instead of next week.  Thank you Jenny0719 for making a comment in your A/N for DM.  Time sneaks right by you when you are incredibly swamped as I'm sure you all know!  Fortunately, I live in Vegas so being off a weekend is no big deal.  Unfortunately, living in Vegas means RL has a sneaky way of biting you in the ass and could cut into my Meet Up time since I can't say, well I'm out of town this weekend!

Let's see - what else. *taps finger on chin*  I have a hubs who is supportive of my ff addiction especially since he is the lucky recipient of some lemony goodness of his own when an update leaves me a hot mess. ;)  I have a pre-teen daughter who has seen all the movies with me and still is secretly all about Jake and his abs but will tell me she is Team Edward because I have told her she can't go to the movies with me unless she is Team Edward.  Now that she is reading the books, she rants with me about how different the movies are from the book for no apparent good reason and is seeing the true light about being Team Edward. (No offense to those of you who are Team Jacob.)  I'm extremely shy, especially when it comes to meeting new people - at least until I get to know someone a little but hopefully I can overcome that this weekend as I'm really looking forward to meeting up with fellow fanfic addicts!

We will be seeing you so soon!!! 

Can't wait to see everyone in Vegas... in just a day or two!

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