Monday, June 4, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @mad4hugh & @michiamoelle

Guys. Guys. Listen. THERE ARE TWO SPOTLIGHTS TODAY: mad4hugh & michiamoelle - THEY ARE AWESOME. SAY HELLO.

So we’re Gisela (with the glasses) and Lily (blue scarf).  We met on the campout line for the Breaking Dawn Panel at Comic-Con last year and totally bonded over our love of Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Twi-fan fiction!  We further “cemented” our friendship over our L.A. Breaking Dawn Premiere campout experience (that’s where our picture is from – the fan “pit” on the red carpet as we waited for the stars to arrive) and are both really excited about the Twific Meet Up and sharing time in Las Vegas.


I go by the name mad4hugh on everywhere - Twitter,, Twilighted, etc.  I’m #&^Y# (read that to mean over 40.  Heh), single, and an accountant living in Kingston, NY - a small city a couple hours north of New York City. 

I picked up the book ‘Twilight’ at the beginning of November 2008.  I totally became “hooked” and read it within 24 hours….in searching for info on the book series at Stephenie Meyers website and saw that there was movie coming out before Thanksgiving.  The movie not only solidified by love for the books, but introduced me to Robert Pattinson (yum-o!).

After reading (and rereading) all the books, I yearned for more, and was - like most – dissatisfied with the “fade to black” nature of the stories and that’s how I found fanfic.  I’ve been reading fanfic since December 2008 - I think my first vamp story was “The List” by Laura Cullen (definite “cure” for the “fade to black”-syndrome) and my first AU story (or should I say “First fic I ever became obsessed with?") was “Wide Awake”.  How bad’s my love of fanfic?  I am reading fic constantly on my phone or Nook! I love all genres – sometimes I can’t take “heavy angst”, though. I’ve had to take a hiatus from reading certain fics when it just got too heavy….I can be such a wuss!  I’m totally a whore for just about any Edward – I’m totally an E/B-shipper (unless it’s slash, then E/J).

Anyway, Twilight and my love of fan fiction have led me to do and see some amazing things (me at a red carpet movie premiere in L.A. I never would have imagined it!), and met some incredibly talented and lovely people.  I’m really looking forward going to Vegas and attending the TFMU to meet other fanfic lovers – none of my family and friends in my everyday life are into ANY of this! 

Other likes/loves, passions and hobbies (in no particular order):  Hugh Jackman, Robert Pattinson (Good Lord!  Some of the pics from Cannes nearly killed me!), travelling (Hawaii and Australia’s are a couple of my favorite places I’ve been to), Charlaine Harris’  Sookie Stackhouse series/True Blood, spending time with friends, shopping, movies, the snark of Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin, Michael Fassbender, good food, a nice drink, live theater – concerts, plays, dance, musicals, museums.


Hi ladies! I'm Lilian @michiamoelle (on twitter) but everyone calls me Lily. 25, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and like G said we met about a year ago and have maintained a beautiful friendship since then. IDK many people in RL that are into Twi/FFn/Rob like I am so finding G has made life more fun.
I had no idea what Twilight was until I saw the trailer about a month before the movie came out, went to see the movie opening day by myself and then read all 4 books during christmas vacation in 3 days.
I am of course Team Edward but am moreso Team Robert, so excited about his upcoming projects and will be definitely be showing my support for years to come.

I remember reading a little FFn prior to the release of 'New Moon' but during the campout heard about 'Master of The Universe' and how I should definitely read it. I honestly fic dive every day and had seen MOTU on the site but was turned off by the description, thought it wasn't my cup of tea. Boy, was I wrong!  Read it and fell in love with the man that everyone apparently knows all about now, very proud to say that I have been a Fifty fan since '09. I laughed and cried and became very protective of that character. Which leads into the fact that I am a total Angst h00r, hell even at @kygirltwo made me/us an angst shirt (available on Zazzle) since I asked her to. Something about Brokenward just draws me in, probably just because he's so vulnerable and that's nice to see in a man.

Other interests: YA novels (loved Divergent), Dancing (Latin+Ballroom), Baking, Singing, musicals and concerts; really into Country music atm.

I will probably be a little shy but so excited to meet y'all and can't wait to have some fun since I think we all need a vacation and time to ourselves/with girlfriends :).

I'm calling you two the DYNAMIC DUO! Wow, thank you so much for sharing! We can't wait to meet you in Vegas!! 

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