Friday, June 1, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @SnowyHedwig

Are you sitting down? Okay, good. Because here's SnowyHedwig!

*clears throat* 

Hello, I’m SnowyHedwig and I have issues with procrastination.  Seriously, I think you’re lucky to be getting this at all, considering it’s just past midnight a week before I fly out!  Sorry, no picture.  You’ll meet me, then you’ll see me.  ;) I’m also a wordy bitch, so guys? *looks around* feel free to edit the hell out of this crap.  First off, believe it or not, it was never intentional, but my screen name also happens to be the name of two of my cats.  I’ve always loved Snowy Owls, and Hedwig in Harry Potter just won my heart.  So when we adopted our newest white cat, I lobbied long and hard for Pinky (due to his pink ears & nose) over Snowy, but the kids won out.  Ironic, no?

I am a bibilophiIe surrounded by books. Seriously, it’s kind of a problem that I’m proud to have. I discovered Twilight thanks to the bashing being done by Harry Potter fans.  I’ve always said that if someone hasn’t read a book, they have no right to judge it.  So,  I was tired of seeing the bashing going on, and picked up Twilight.  I got it the week before Breaking Dawn was to be released, and went out and bought New Moon and Eclipse the next night.  I had read the three of them two times before heading to the store for the midnight release of Breaking Dawn, which I had finished by 4pm the next afternoon.  I was literally falling asleep reading it, or I would have been done sooner… :)

I was already quite involved in the HP fanfic world, and have actually done quite a bit of beta work there.  I had NO CLUE there was Twilight fanfic, until I finally asked someone online what everyone was going on about… WA was my introduction, and I never looked back.   LOL  I’ve met so many RL friends through the fandom, doing all the horrible things we warn our children about, going to meet someone you’ve only known online.  Met up for the first time and spent the night in a mall with an online friend who I’m proud to call one of my closest friends now, to meet Kellan Lutz, Christian Serratos and Chaske Spencer.

The next year, the two of us hit Calgary’s comic con and met Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz and Tyson Houseman.  And I’m coming to TFMU to meet up for the THIRD time with my RL sista from another mista, my darlin’ NicciB23.  She was brave enough to fly up to our cold country in -23C never having met us, and our family adores her so much, we forced her to come on our summer holidays the next year!  Apparently, she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, cuz we’re rooming together and already making plans for her to come up for my November holidays to see BD2.  I’ve also been trying to convince her to stow away in my luggage and just come home with me after TFMU.

What else?  I’m a mother of 2, sometimes 3.  We’re a high-maintenance family, my hubby has Asperger’s and is a stay-at-home dad to my two daughters, 10 and 13.  They are both hearing impaired and actually wear their hearing aids, unlike their stubborn mom.  So yeah, if you call me and I don’t answer, I’m not being rude.  I used to write A LOT.  But working two jobs and taking care of the family has drained me, and I haven’t written in over 13 years.  I finally signed up for NaNoWriMo last year, only to have to pick up a part-time job the next week!  I’m really looking forward to discussing writing and hopefully finding a way to make time to do some of my own.  Hubs doesn’t just approve of my insane addiction, he aids and abets it.  He actually went online and printed off and cut out a paper-Rob on high quality glossy photo paper.  For me.  Without my asking.  *looks at Paper-Rob on desk*  That’s my man.  And his name is James, so he loved coming up behind me every time the Twilight trailer came on… you can imagine what he did.  ;) 

I haven’t left the country in over 10 years, and I do believe I may get a little wild…   I’m a freak about wild rides, so will be hitting the Stratosphere to experience some insanity, looking forward to Bel Ami, and maybe an all-male revue is in my future?  Also planning on hitting the spa for some much-needed pampering.  Most of all, I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you, discussing and learning more about writing, and just having a HELL of a lot of fun!!

OK, I just jumped to page 2 and that’s a sign for me to shut up.  That’s all!  LMAO

I don't care if you're on page 22 - we like you. You told us awesome things about yourself! GO YOU!

Can't wait to meet you in Vegas! 


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