Sunday, June 3, 2012

Attendee Spotlight - @tfffan

Welcome to the spotlight, tfffan! (is that the right number of f's? #twss)

The first fanfic I read was Wide Awake. Um yeah. What a mind blower! I couldn't stop reading after that!
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Putting names with faces.
I'm a reader only. I prefer AH but like some vamps too. 
I have been to Vegas, just last year. Met Fliki then. But have met a lot of the fandom in my area and Kansas!
Worried? Not really. Yeah, maybe sweat too. :)
I have 2 kids and two grands 2 dogs (Jack Russells) and a well trained husband.
I did see the Hunger Games. Thought it was well done. Looking forward to the next but not as much as BD2!
As for character, maybe Bella from His Personal Assistant by Northernlights17 or Bella from The Blessing and the Curse by The Black Arrow or, or, or......

SEE! You can't pick just one! Like M&Ms or Pringles or ...what commercial is that? Pickles? I can't remember. SEE YOU IN VEGAS!


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