Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Phase 2

Phase 2 is here!  If you delayed paying your meet up fees, you'll definitely want to make your hotel reservation and get your fees in before March 15, when they  go up again.

If you signed up to participate in the payment plan, we will be sending a courtesy invoice via PayPal the day before the 1st of the month, but please don't forget your payment (of $25) is due on Feb 1, March 1, and April 1. If you miss a payment, we will spank you in public at the meet up! No, actually, if you miss a payment, the ENTIRE balance of your fees will become due immediately. So don't miss a payment, okay?

Also, to clarify something about the hotel rooms -- the price per night is based on double occupancy. If you plan to have more than 2 people in your room (there's a pullout couch, so in theory, you could fit 5/6 people into a room with 2 double beds, js!), it is in your best interest to ONLY list 2 names. If you list all occupants, well, you'll pay an additional fee tacked on by the hotel. Please know this is what the hotel advised us to tell you.

We're hoping to release a few more author names for the Author's Studio on Friday in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to respond to this post with your favorite actively-writing-fanfic author's name. Who would get YOU to come hang out in Chicago for a few days? We'd love to know.


Amanda, Amber, Kathy
@theswandive, @aleighy, @mskathy

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