Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inside the Author's Studio Announcements Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Inside the Author's Studio announcements!

Let's lift another round of drinks for today's author, TheFicChick!

TheFicChick's bio:

On the advice of a friend, TheFicChick bought the first "Twilight" book to read on her honeymoon in the summer of 2009; she wound up reading the entire series. (MisterChick was thrilled.) Upon her return to the United States, she rented the first "Twilight" movie. (MisterChick was, again, thrilled.) In the lag between then and the theatrical release of "New Moon," she discovered the wonderful world of "Twilight" fanfiction, and proceeded to lurk as a reader for a good four years before mustering up the courage to actually give writing one a go.

When she's not putting Edward and Bella into situations that Stephenie Meyer undoubtedly never intended them to be in, she's chasing her toddler daughter around her house, coaching youth soccer, and freelance writing. She feels blessed beyond measure to have been welcomed into the fold of this fandom, and is so thankful for all of the wonderful feedback and encouragement she has received.
TheFicChick is the author of "Departures," "The Purple Banana Hammock," and "Through the Kitchen Window." She is also endlessly thankful for the support and guidance of her beta, HollettLA, whose wisdom and friendship in this adventure have been invaluable.

We hope you're thinking of some great questions for these talented authors! We'll see you tomorrow with another great announcement.

Amanda, Amber, Kathy

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