Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inside the Author's Studio Announcements Day 4

Happy Thursday!

Today's author reveal is the fan-fucking-tastic katinki. Welcome, Kate! We're so glad to have you as part of this feature.

Kate's bio:

Back in early 2009, after vacationing with a friend, Kate found herself stuck in the Miami airport. Bored, she wandered into a Borders, and lo and behold, a certain black and red book caught her eye. The name was familiar... After all, she'd watched bits and pieces of this bizarre little blue-colored movie with the same name while on vacation, and that same friend she'd gone with had told her repeatedly, "You gotta read this." So, she picked it up, and boom! A full on obsession was born.

Like many, she quickly found fanfiction, searching for anything to fill that gaping hole that was left once she'd finished the series. And after a few months of reading, she said, "Why not," and dove headlong into writing. More than a dozen stories and a million or so words later, we're here.

By day, Kate's an engineer - one of those weird people who actually like math. And if you ask her spouse, he'll say that she collects hobbies, ranging from traveling to reading to writing (fic and original) to teaching herself new languages to trying to not bust her ass on the slopes. She counts the fandom as one of the best experiences in her life, and through it, she's met some amazingly talented and wonderful people.

Kate's Top 3:

An Angry Man
Night Must Fall
A Voice in the Darkness

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