Monday, March 18, 2013

CafePress Swag!

The amazing Amber has created some fun new designs for swag this year, along with our TFMU logo so graciously designed by Kassiah -- and we shifted things to a CafePress store. We've heard whispers that CP has higher quality and faster shipping, so we hope you're as pleased as we are with this change.

I want to warn you that there are some functional "quirks" with the store. For example, I can't find all the t-shirts under the t-shirt category, but if you look under each logo design, you'll see they do exist. Trust me when I say I've been troubleshooting for over a week now to no avail; I do apologize for any inconvenience it causes you, but hopefully it won't be a big deal.

If you see a graphic that you want on a product you don't see, please don't hesitate to let us know. We will be very happy to create whatever you want and make sure there's something you'll love.

So, get your orders in early to have your swag ready to bring with you to the meet up! I know I'll be there with a water bottle, a coffee cup, probably a flask, a t-shirt... you get the idea.

Kathy (@mskathy), Amber (@aleighy), Amanda (@theswandive)


  1. I'd love to see the circle logo on a tote bag and on the military cap... and maybe on that flash necklace, 'cause something about that is hella cool. :D

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Catastrophia! :)

    tote bag -

    military cap (I wish I could figure out why it looks wonky on this... I've tried a million ways!) -

    flask necklace -


    1. Hmm, I have to agree, the hat does look strange... *goes to look at other designs*. I really like that logo design, so kudos to whoever designed it!

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  4. Is it possible to get the circle logo on a burnout tshirt?

    1. Ask and you shall receive! :)

      See you in June! <3

    2. PS - sorry it took me a few days to respond!


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