Monday, March 4, 2013

Inside the Author's Studio Announcements Day 6

Monday is here again ... but hopefully your day will be a little less dreadful with today's author reveal -- the spectacular ooza!

ooza's bio:

*cues inner narcissist*

Ohai, I’m ooza (aka kitteh [aka Jill]). When I'm not plotting werld dominashun, I can be found in mah ebil lair, writing Harry P—er… I mean, Twilight fanfic. Sometimes I need a break from Edward, so I read books with swoony boys. My days are typically filled with tweeting and Rob!porn. I also like nerdy computer things. There are times when I don’t have an electronic device within reach, usually when I’m at dance class or 100 feet below sea level. If I’m talking, I’m probably saying something inappropriate. I like swears. And cheez. And Rob, did I mention that? Man, this bio blows. Where are my minions when I need them? #slackers

Top 3 fics:

Adore, Adore

Inside Man

Here in the Garden of Sin

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