Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inside the Author's Studio Announcements Day 7

Today, we welcome IReen H / ajapersuasia We are so excited to have you on board!

Aja's bio:

I am obsessive, not compulsive, definitely disorderly. I wallow in Sci-Fi porno, macabre musical adventures, dirty-pretty androgyny, and anything purple.

Sometimes I have a lot to say. Sometimes nothing.

Sometimes I write erotica, sometimes I write the opposite.  I get inspired in the shower.  Go figure.  It’s like a sensory deprivation chamber – one where I am always at a loss for pen and paper.

I dream in art nouveau, I sing out of key, I like falcons and other things that start with F.  Like flowers and free expression.  Fruit, fornication, fabrication, fiction, food.

Fourteen.  That’s how old my son is.  He’s the best thing I ever made.



Top(Only) 3 Fics

High Fidelity
Someone Like You
The Black Queen

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