Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inside the Author's Studio Day 9 & INFO

Welcome to the final author announcement, as well as a few housekeeping reminders. :)

Last but certainly not least joining Inside the Author's Studio is luvrofink. Please join me in lifting a glass for Inky.

luvrofink's bio:

I like tentacles and time travel, and I was born in the wrong era.
Inked skin and pretty panties are two of my true loves, and I dream of
a blue police box that would bring the dashing Tenth to my rescue.

Mrspackman, my first fanfiction alias, was born circa June 2008. I
changed my name to Luvr-of-ink a couple of years later.

I've written everything from fluff to tentacle porn, and no matter the
gap between stories I'm always amazed at how much love and enthusiasm
there is in the fandom. With over eighty stories under my belt, some
posted and some not, I've still got more up my sleeve.

Twific saved my marriage and brought me some amazingly fantastic
friends. I'm not sure what my life would look like without it.

The three fics that I'm most proud of or love the most:

The Extrordinary Dream
Agna Sanguis
slave to My Heart

If you haven't paid your fees to attend, you'll want to get that done ASAP -- the amount goes up March 16 (that's two days from today -- THIS Saturday!).

Once you sign up and your fees are paid, please make sure to respond to the Attendee Profile you should have gotten via email. This has vital information in it, like your t-shirt size, and other things we NEED to make your experience in Chicago awesome! Also, this is VITAL if you need or want a roommate -- please don't skip those questions, since we're using that data to try and match compatible roomies.

One last friendly reminder about the Spotlight; if you haven't sent yours in, please go read our helpful tips, and then send it on to us. :)

We can't wait to see you all.

Amanda (@theswandive), Amber (@aleighy), Kathy (@mskathy)

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