Thursday, April 4, 2013

ATTENDEE SPOTLIGHT - @Catastrophia49

Hi, my name is Catastrophia, Cat for short. Don't call me by my real name, not even going to tell you, because I probably won't answer. Somehow my brain says "You're with Twilight people, they call you Cat, and so you shall be."

I'm so excited about this meetup!!! *insert fangirl squeal*

I've seen posts from my UK friends about the Eternal Twilight and they all looked like they were having so much fun. I've never attended something with so many people who share a love that I do, and it has me bouncing in my seat!! This is a great chance to meet so many of my readers, as well as some of my favorite authors!!

I don't actually remember what the first Twilight Fanfic I read was, but it was a vamp one. Could possibly have been The Ties That Bind by NicoleTwilight (that was really good BD first half from Edward's POV). I'd already read a little bit of fanfic from other fandoms before, so I knew right where to go when I was done with the books and craving more! I was very weary of the all human ones when I first started reading, so I stuck to vamp ones...that lasted a whole month maybe. Then I read AH and BOOM, I was hooked and soon writing my own. Though my first writing attempt was a disaster! It had been so long since I'd written anything, that I didn't remember a lot of the rules. My second attempt was much better, and it was near the end of it that I was contacted by one of my readers to join Facebook and a group she created.

I've mostly become a writer, reading here and there when I can. I generally write romance, but in that it can also be humor, angst, and so many others mixed in. It's a mixed bag, just like my brain. I'm a HEA girl, though I do have one that was just pulled from that will not be a HEA. And when I have time to read, I read whatever grabs me at the moment.

Hmmm, question four is asking if I've ever been to Vegas, but I think they meant Chicago. I have been to Vegas before, six times. It is awesome!! And I have also been to Chicago. My aunt used to live there, and I'm an Indy native, so it was only a four hour drive. Plus my parents had friends there. I will say, as an adult, I don't think I've been there... wait, I did about maybe seven years ago, we went to Navy Pier... maybe longer than that ago. My husband and I have been talking about a trip, but it hasn't come to fruition yet. Hell, I don't care what we do at this meet-up, I'm just psyched to be with fellow twific lovers!

Hubs and I have one child, a goldfish named, well, Goldie. Lol! We couldn't come up with a name, so we just called him that and it stuck. He's a fancy one, I forget his actual breed, but he's a calico with the big body and fancy tail. He's huge too. No kids yet, we were going to work on that, but I hurt my knee and needed surgery, so we had to put kids off another year. Can't do that too much, I'm not getting any younger! While I call them my dogs, they actually are my parents, but I lived with them for the first half of their lives. They are Weimaraners named Shadow (the third) and Elsa. They also have a ChiWeinny named Polly (the fifth) who was my late grandmother's. Shadow is my baby girl. Yes, I play favorites. One day hubs will let me get my own dog. One day.

I would totes be Bella in my own Me and Mr. Cullen. Mostly because I want to drive her bad ass car and, well, you know, take advantage of her hot Hollywood husband! ;)

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