Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm the product of an Anglo-Irish marriage, brought up in the agricultural region of England's West Country, moving to London when I was 19 in search of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.  I’m happy to report I found all three. Despite extensive partying through the 70s, 80 and 90s, I have, miraculously, survived into my 50s, and am still living and working in London.

In January 2009, almost by accident, I read the first Twilight book, which immediately led on to the next two. I then googled the movie and found Rob – remember all those cute, funny Twilight interviews?  Oh man, I was lost!  Unable to wait, I bought Breaking Dawn in hardback!!! And then there was no more to read... until I discovered fanfiction – and now I'm so hooked, seldom reading anything other than TwiFics (it's what the Kindle was invented for, surely!)  As for Rob, well, it seems I am now hopelessly and irrevocably in love/obsessed with what might as well be a fictional character for all the good it does me.

These days I spend most of my free time (and a lot of time when I should be doing work or other things) hanging out on Facebook with a bunch of like-minded ladies, talking about Rob, fanfiction and such, reading fan fiction (specifically Edward & Bella stories and usually M‑rated because I'm a filthy old slapper!) and now writing it!  I currently have a couple of multi-chapter fics on – Wild Child and Where Roads Converge. 

I blame Shay Savage for getting me writing – she asked readers to produce outtakes describing how they would kill off Carlisle in her Offside fic.  I came third in her Die, Daddy C, Die contest, much to my astonishment and delight – my outtake, What Goes Around Cums Around is available on  I hadn’t written anything since essays at college back in the 70s, and now I want to try and write an original novel for publication. 

Some things I love (in no particular order): My friends; my brothers; driving fast cars; music (from Mozart to Madonna, Jethro Tull to Jay-Z, Pink Floyd to Pink, Return to Forever to Rhianna, and all points in between); Italian food; books; well-written TwiFics; old movies; beautiful shoes; cold, clear, autumnal nights; open fires; wine; champagne; vodka; proper old-fashioned English pubs; trees; men; and, of course, the aforementioned Mr Pattinson.

Some things I hate: Lies; hypocrisy; bullying; racism; traffic; discourtesy; cruelty to animals and children; wilful stupidity; working for a living; artichokes; my own terminal laziness; badly written TwiFics; buses; arthritis; my stupid bad back; men(!)

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