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*Waves at everyone* Hello !

I'm Becca (that's me on the right) but you may know me as GothicTemptress on , ADF and Twilighted. I'm G.t. Becca on facebook. I'm a true Chicago girl, born and raised, and I live a short walk from the hotel this meet-up is taking place at, so I can't wait to share this vibrant metropolis with fellow Twi-peeps, a location surrounded by what I think is one of the coolest cities on earth!

I've been married for almost 17 years and am the stay-at-home-mom of 2 daughters, ages 7 and 10. I'm an artist, writer and poet at heart, and my favorite author is Jane Austen. She's the reason I went in search of fanfiction back in 1998, when I was having a slow work day at a former job. I'd just finished about my hundredth re-read of Pride and Prejudice and wondered if there were any adult rated stories on line that continued that journey beyond the ending, after hearing a news report about fans writing racy internet fiction about their favorite stories. I typed “Darcy Wedding Night” (LMAO!) into the search bar and voilĂ ! A Fanfic addiction was born...and what a fun addiction it is. With this group, I think we're all among kindred spirits in that regard.

I began reading Austen Fanfic in the 90's, then branched out into the Labyrinth and Star Wars fandoms in 2000 on back when registering was optional and the reviews were not registered nor removable once left – it was total mayhem back in those days of's history. Luckily, changed some policies and more order and features came with it. Soon, Harry Potter ruled my free time and Snape fics were my new love through the early and mid-2000's. Then, one day in early 2008, I met-up with a few Labyrinth/Potter fandom friends while they were in town for a Harry Potter convention in Chicago, and the Twilight books came up in conversation. I decided to read the first book. I found Bella irritatingly whiny, and Edward's stalking/controlling tendencies creepy, and yet I liked them despite those failings because they had many wonderful qualities too...I ended loving the entire series as it unfolded, and enjoyed reading the new fanfics being written right after every new book release. With every release, new life seemed to wash over the fandom, especially the thriving segments of the “All Human” selections at our reading disposal, the stories I tend to follow most (although the vamp fics still hold a firm place in my heart). The Twilight fandom is where I've remained, and began writing myself in 2010.

May favorite parts of the Twilight fandom include the reading of stories, discussing those stories and meeting fellow writers and fans who understand my appreciation for the stories I also love so much. It's wonderful when others “get” you and share in what you enjoy. I'm also proud of the fact that there are an incredible amount of talented writers sharing their stories and gaining so much success on the world stage right now, beyond the fandom. I love watching dreams come true and so many readers outside of the core community enjoying stories that I also adored too. I know many share a different stance on the matter, but I believe we've all been able to respect our differences and have maintained a common decency, that I've seen. That, right there, is saying something great about our community, that we respectfully agree to disagree. The Twilight fandom has and continues to be a place filled with supportive, interesting and talented people. It's something I appreciate and still enjoy being a part of.

While I'm a writer, I'm first and foremost a reader. I try to read an average of 30 new stories a week (in addition to the WIP's I follow), and believe strongly in the encouragement a review has on a new author, so I always to try leave one and wish more readers would do the same for those struggling with or attempting to share their creativity with others. I still get excited when I begin reading a new story and my heart beats in excitement at the discovery of a new gem. In this fandom, there are MANY, which is a total blessing and another thing to be proud of among us. At this meet-up, I'm sure we'll be talking about them all!

I most look forward to meeting the readers that have been so gracious in their reviews and support of my longer story, Scintilla, and the various One Shots I've posted or placed/won in contests over the years. I really can't wait to hug the people that have encouraged me and rooted for me along the way – and I also can't wait to hang out with the fun people I've come to know from the Twilighted Forums, including fellow Bunker Babes and Muses. I've met many of these wonderful people at meet-ups over the years but never in one place, and there are quite a few I can't wait to hug for the first time in real life. I look forward to those hugs and fun memories to be made!

I wish everyone safe travels to Chicago, and I hope that when you get here, the Windy City wins your heart as it has mine. If you'd like to correspond prior to the meet-up or want to make plans for meeting up while the convention is going on, you can e-mail me at and put Twi Meet Up in the subject line. There are quite a few of you that have reached out to me recently and I always welcome new friendships. For those I haven't met yet, I look forward to.

See you in Chicago!


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