Tuesday, April 2, 2013


1. What was the 1st Twilight FanFiction that you read? Did it only entice you to read more? Why or why not?

UMMMMM I think it was Edward Wallbanger or Hide and Drink. Of course they enticed me! I loved that small aspects of Twilight were included but that Edward and Bella were placed in totally different worlds. I thought it was genious and of course entertaining as hell. There was also no fade to black. May I say that was sooooo "exciting"? No? Yes? I'll say it anyway...IT WAS AMAZING. I had to continue reading more and more until I got to the point where I don't even remember which story I read first.

2. What are you most looking forward to at the Twific Meet Up?

I don't know anybody in my real life that knows and appreciates fanfic. I'm excited to meet people that will fangirl and laugh with me...or cry over angsty stories. Or we could laugh and cry at the same time if anybody is into that kind of stuff.

3. Are you a reader or a writer, or both?
-If you're a writer, what genre(s) do you mainly write?

I wrote Nobody's Little Girl. I don't know if anybody attending knows about it, but its very angsty. I enjoy writing in another genres, but my heart is in writing angst. I know most people stay away from angsty stories and others won't read them unless they are completed and have a promised HEA, but it's my favorite. I love the struggles and the downs characters face. I think its as true to real life as fiction can be. Though I'm currently happy with my life, my journey there wasn't easy which makes my happiness now even richer and grand. I feel the same way about books and fics. If Edward and Bella had everything handed to them from the beginning, its just not the same. But if I cried with them at some point or cheer for them to make it then I cherish their HEA even better.

-If you're a reader, what genre(s) do you mainly read?

I read drama and angst with romance. Add the fluff for comfort.

4. Have you ever been to Chicago before? If yes, tell us what you loved/hated most about it. If you haven't been, what are you most excited to see - or on the opposite side of the spectrum - what are you most worried about when visiting Chicago?

Never been to Chicago. I'm excited about even walking! I'm from a small Texas town and I've only seen Chicago in pictures so I'm excited to look around and take in the city views. "Just a small town girl...living in a..." Okay, I won't sing, but you get the point. I'm not worried about anything...let it happen!

5. Have any pets? Kids? If so, tell us how many and their breeds (the dogs, people, the dogs). We love animals! (Well, I do.) (And kids, too!)

No pets, but I do want a kitty cat. Just too afraid to disappoint it haha

6. What did you think of The Hunger Games movie? WHAT?! WE ALL SAW IT DIDN'T WE?! (Just kidding. Psst...go ahead and answer it if you want to, I won't care.)

It was kewl. But nobody sparkled : /

Bonus Question:
If you could be one FicBella, FicEdward, FicEmmett, FicJasper or FicAlice (you get the picture-pick any character) for one day - which one would it be? (I would totes be FicEdward in @TruceOver's A Tale of Two Cities)

I would be FicBella in Barefoot in Texas. She's so cool and free. I want to be like her.

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  1. I love her!!! She is a great writer and really makes you fall in love w the characters!


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