Saturday, April 27, 2013


Facebook and FF Name: HisMystic Muse Twitter: IsBeMused

I am an avid reader of fan fiction, preferring cannon couples with a bit of slash here and there, as needed. LOL I will read and have read, almost anything. But I definitely have my favorites which are: Transcendence, Wide Awake, MOTU, The Office, Seattle Express, Curve Ball, Life, Love and Madame Esme, The Naughty Schoolgirl  to name a few...

I am not a very well known writer, which is good and fine with me as I am just fine with being a little dirty secret. ;P I prefer to stay away from drama, and prefer it to stay away from me.

My stories usually have an supernatural, whimsical, mythical theme to them, as that is what interests me. My most popular stories are: Sirens, Ren Faire, Guardian Angel, and The Decanter and the Doll.

Personals: I go by Annie or Musie

I've met most of the Twi cast, my favorites being Jackson, Pfach, and Daniel Cudmore.

I am a wife for Mr for almost 14 years, mom to Mini, 12, the Boy, 10 and our surprise baby who will be 1 in May.

I stay at home with the kids, sculpt figurines and replica's, several of which are signed.

I am happy, overall. I like a peaceful, quite existence and am very thankful to be able to get to meet some amazing authors, and surely some new friends!

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