Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello, my darling friends! My name is Belle, and I'll be coming from San Diego, California. My fandom/Twitter name is @la_geologia (or as I was dubbed in Vegas by theswandive, "lageoliolioiolio"), and I'm so excited to be heading to Chicago for a second year of TwificMeetup magnificence! 

My RL is mostly spent being a busy student, but I also love going to concerts, watching lots of soccer, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, and just generally being really silly. I've been reading Twific since 2010, and being a part of this fandom has been so much fun. You ladies have become my second family. I try to stay fairly active on Twitter, and love rec'ing fics and constantly gushing over what I'm reading. Feel free to hit me up if you need a rec or someone to flail with!

I have about a million favorite stories, but a few of the ones that have melted my heart the most are Paper CutOuts, Counterpoint, There is a Light, Beyond Time, Finding My Thunder, and The Cube. I'll read any genre, if it's complete, E/B fic, but I'm always a sucker for really good angst. 

I've attended the 2011 & 2012 Comic Con meet ups, the big Las Vegas Twific Meetup, and am very active in the SoCalTFMU group, which gets together once a month in Southern California to hang out and talk fic. It's always so exciting to be in a room full of fich00rs, and I apologize in advance for any embarrassing fangirling that WILL take place when I meet the Author's Studio panel of geniuses. <3 

I can't wait to meet more of you ladies in Chicago! If you see me around, please please come up and say hi. :)

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