Saturday, April 6, 2013


1.    What was the 1st Twilight FanFiction that you read? Did it only entice you to read more? Why or why not? 
First fanfic I read was Wide Awake.  After that I went CRAZY reading.  I went to a Top Ten Listing and read almost all of those, including Edward Wallbanger.  Then I found High Anxiety and TaraSueMe’s submissive series.  For me, FanFiction is heaven on earth.  Not only did it entice me to read more – it made me want to try my hand at writing.

2.    What are you most looking forward to at the Twific Meet Up?
Meeting authors that I am in awe of and meeting a couple of readers who’ve made my writing experience fantastic. 

3.    Are you a reader or a writer, or both?
Both for sure.  I read mostly E/B, and some Em/R and some Daddy C.  I just started pre-reading my very first slash as I am trying to expand my horizons.  As for genre, I like just about everything. 
As a writer, I’ve only written one story and am working on my next.  I am strictly Humor/Romance as far as writing – gotta stick to what I know J

4.    Have you ever been to Vegas/Chicago (wherever the TFMU event is being held) before?
I live near Chicago and my entire family is in the city and suburbs.  I am here quite a bit.  I have no concerns – this city is so much fun and you guys picked a FANTASTIC venue.  Although, Vegas sounds like a blast as well – if you hold it there again I will be there with bells on J  I was just there a couple of weeks ago and I am already itching to get back.

5.    Have any pets? Kids? If so, tell us how many and their breeds (the dogs, people, the dogs). We love animals! (Well, I do.) (And kids, too!)
I have 4 kids (I know, I feel like the Duggars).  One 5 year old boy, one 2 year old girl, and a set of 5 month old twin gals to boot. 

6.    What did you think of The Hunger Games movie? WHAT?! WE ALL SAW IT DIDN'T WE?! (Just kidding. Psst...go ahead and answer it if you want to, I won't care.)
I enjoyed The Hunger Games movie – I thought it was very true to the book. 

Bonus Question:
If you could be one FicBella, FicEdward, FicEmmett, FicJasper or FicAlice (you get the picture-pick any character) for one day - which one would it be? (I would totes be FicEdward in @TruceOver's A Tale of Two Cities)
            Tough one…  How about this – I would be a FicBella from one of the following stories just so I could bang the FicEdward in them:
            The Slowest Burn by Typokween (crazy, dirty boy Edward – sign me up for a yes)
            Insatiable Desires by ItzMegan73 (hypersexual Edward, yes please even if he does look like Severus Snape)
            Graze the Green Grasses by Jonesn (because who doesn’t want a cowboy Edward – Paula Cole and I wanna know where have all the cowboys gone)
            Quiet Storm by Sexilexicullen  (yeah, just because I like his brand of crazy)

            Is that an acceptable answer?  If not, I’d be the FicBella in MasenVixen’s Stranger Than Fiction b/c she was AWESOME!

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