Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm Lauren from SW Ohio. I enjoy reading all different types of fic and read pretty much anything except canon. I just don't do it. Some of my favorite pairings are Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Bella and any pack member with Bella. I also really love slash fic. If I'm going to read Edward, I like him paired with one of the guys. 

By the time the meet up is here I will officially be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (after finally deciding what I wanted to do when I grew up and 10 years of college!) I am married with 4 stepsons who are all grown & I refer to by age cause it's WAY easier! I am always on twitter and up to chat with who ever about whatever. I like to make list (yes I'm aware that it's strange, but it keeps me organized) and have been told (and agree with) that I have mad excel spreadsheet skills. (Seriously I have mastered that and Gdocs version of it!)

I am looking forward to Chicago to meet up with old friends and meet new ones and spending the weekend with people who love fic as much as me.

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