Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi again ladies…

Once again tardy to the party, I’ve just paid fees and booked a flight, so I am now officially going to Chi-Town. AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR LOVELY FACES. Also, please meet me at happy hour (a.k.a. ALL THE HOURS) for a cocktail. Or wine. Or beer. Or champagne. I’m down for all of the above.

I am a long-time reader, and sometimes (let’s face it, I’m a terrible) reviewer, of Twilight fanfic. I have beta'd a few one-shots, and try to help out in pre-reading but with a two-year old hellion and trying to finish grad school while working full time, it’s been harder and harder to escape.

I've been reading twific since around 2008, shortly after I finished all of the books and wanted more. The first fics I read are probably no longer available, sadly (on anyway), but the first one that I really remember leaving an impression was “Creature of Habit” by EZRocksAngel. Mr Horrible has always been another favorite of mine. The first smut I fell in love with was TaraSueMe’s Submissive series.

My favorite fics are a mix of ironic humor and bittersweet angst, and I don't really have a preference either way for Vamp/AU/AH/Canon as long as the story is good. I'm not a huge fluff fan, but I can bear it occasionally. I love a well-researched historical fic, especially if I learn some cool historical facts in the process (the one about the Selkie woman in the English court?). My most recent favorites (as in the past year or so) are “There is a Light” by belladonnacullen and “High Fidelity” by IReenH (@ajapersuasia). Currently, I’m reading “Wisp,” by Cris, “Delphian City” by Boom-Boom Jones, and “Beneath This Sky,” by Bedelia. BUT there are many others that have totally blown me away over the years. I feel like I should keep a spreadsheet of all the stories I’ve read and loved just to keep myself straight and so I can tackle hug any ff authors I meet.

I’m mostly looking forward to visiting TFMU Chicago so that I can see and (and hopefully get drunk with) all the awesome people that keep me linked to this fandom. Those of you who I met and laughed with in Vegas, and those of you whom I have yet to meet: YOU ARE ON NOTICE. THERE WILL BE ALCOHOL.

This month I will become a 28- year old, wife & mother of one small dragon (not-so) baby, also known as my son Olin. He's the greatest and most mischievous kid I know. He loves “loc-o-late.” I work full time and am studying for my Masters for 2/3 of the year until May 2014, so my fic reading is done between essays and finals and bath time.

Lastly, if I could be any FicBella, I'd STILL want to be "spark"-ella from bluebathrobe's Tropic of Virgo so I could sing like molasses and honey and write lovely songs with WriterWard.


-  Raffinie. 

*Seen above with me: Amber (aleighy), Belle (la_geologia) and Lauren (mrsrandygiles)

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