Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am a thirty-something from the west coast who got her first glimpse of Twilight at Comic Con in 2008. At the time I did not know what I was looking at but simply accompanying a 13 year old friend who at the time was a huge fan. I had never heard so much screaming at a comic con panel before. She was telling me all about the books and characters. I had a film camera that had about 8 pictures left so I took what I had, not realizing how important they would become. I remember poor Rob looked so nervous, he barely said two words, and we all know when he gets nervous he runs his fingers through his hair, which of course just made the screaming worse. A few months later I was taken to the first movie by a male friend who has an obsession with vampires and thought it looked interesting. I had not read the book yet so I was a little confused about what happened in the movie. A little while later he gave me the first book after he had read it, and then the movie started to make a whole lot more sense. Needless to say he decided quickly it was not a series for him and he has regretted the monster he created ever since. I was also at the last comic con panel in 2012. It was different scene, much more calm as only about half the hall was filled with twilight fans( since the panel right after was for Tim Burton), but much like Harry Potter (which I am also a huge fan of), I believe the hard core fans will never go away. 

 I love how twilight fans always stick together. I don't have any local friends who are interested so I end up going to a lot of events alone. However, I always end up finding someone to talk to, whether it is at a convention or standing in line waiting for a midnight DVD release. Maybe it is because we feel we have to band together due to the reaction we get from a lot of the rest of the world, especially us "older" fans. 

I first discovered fanfiction in 2010 and have been totally addicted ever since. I am strictly a reader. It is a great escape and being the hopeless romantic that I am, I tend to read HEA stories, although I don't mind if there are some challenges along the way and I am totally Team Edward. I read stories on two different sites since I followed one of my favorite authors to another site and I have two different screen names since it didn't occur to me to coordinate. I am looking forward to the meeting in Chicago, partly because it has been a long time since I was around a large group of twilight fans, and also because I am getting to see some family I have not seen in a long time. In fact my half sister was the one who first told me about this convention and I am looking forward to sharing it with her. But being from a mild climate I am not looking forward to the hot Chicago weather. 

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