Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello fellow twihards, my fandom name is La Contessa on Facebook and twitter but you’ll find me under @azzurrafm.  I’ll be travelling from the UK and I was lucky enough to be at the Vegas bash, it was brilliant!!

I’m a reader and a lover of all things smut.  Don’t get me wrong, a fic still needs to have a good story and I’ll read a good angsty fic if I’ve got a bad case of PMS or if I’ve read a sour lemon or two but once I’ve got my mojo back then I just need smut!

I’ve got quite a few favourite fics, some are classics like The Office, Holding Out for you, Last Tango in Forks and Wide Awake to name but a few.  I even created a spreadsheet to keep track of them all but I need to add a summary as they are starting to merge into one!

I’ve never been to Chicago; I can’t wait to go SHOPPING (Victoria Secrets beware).  I’m also looking forward to catching up with the friends I made last year and meeting new ones.  Let us bond over a cocktail whilst we discuss fic and swoon over Rob (I can’t be the only one bringing Rob porn?!)  I’m also looking forward to meeting the goddesses- these creators of smut, the ladies who give me hours upon hours of escapism to my smut filled bubble where RL BS can’t bring me down (expect lots of hugs ladies).

There are a lot of talented writers out there and one of my bucket list goals is to read all the fics recommended to me (I need to start taking fic holidays to get through them all!).

I’m also mega excited to be meeting Savage7289, I loved Surviving Bella and Otherwise Alone (that was some hot stuff!).

Tough question about fic Bella, part of me wants to be Bella from Terms and Conditions Apply by TheSaintsMistress because she’s a good bitch and the boss :p but the other part of me wants to be The Office Bella, cos she has a wicked wardrobe and um well gets royally fucked ;)

Feel free to come chat to me on FB or twitter.  I’ve had to lock my account due to nosey interwebs and RL work etc but those of you who met me last year will be happy to know that I will not be visiting Swindon this time but in fact Cambridge ;) (TFMU Vegas joke).

Roll on Chicago meet up! 

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